Volkskrant - 1 juli 2015

Watch the film in Dutch on Npo 3LAB

If you don't have the time. This is the trailer:


 21 min // documentary / 2015

Joyland was broadcasted by the AvroTros as part of the program 3LAB. You can watch the film here! Only in dutch.

Documentary - 23 min - 2015

If Joey and Sam get their way, eating is no longer necessary. The two guys from Amsterdam have created a powder substitute for food that is gaining popularity all over the world. The growing demand for the product suggests the young entrepreneurs are facing a great future. But with success comes responsibility. Welcome to Joyland!

Joyland is my graduationproject. The film went last June 2015 into premiere  at the Keep An Eye Filmacademie Festival at the Eye filmmuseum in Amsterdam. De film also got selected to screen on the Netherlands Film Festival in september 2015 and was invited by young talent platform Breaking Ground for an additional screening. For more info: www.joylandthefilm.com

Documentary maker Storyteller

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